Stephen Cleaver Headshot

Stephen Cleaver

Vice President, Quantitative Biology

Steve joined Tessera in 2019 as the head of Quantitative Biology. He leads a data science team applying DNA assembly, molecular assays and computational biology technologies to novel gene writing approaches.

Data Science is Steve’s passion. Working at the cross-roads of science, data, algorithms and software for more than 20 years. He is excited to bring all of his experience back to the gene therapy space. Prior to joining Tessera, Steve spent fourteen years at Novartis beginning as an individual contributor applying pathway principles to drug discovery. Ultimately, he built and lead a global Data Science team that focused on enabling innovative science through software, data analysis, modeling, and data systems. Prior to Novartis, Steve spent several years at GSK in the preclinical safety area data mining and model building. Steve’s thesis research work focused on engineering transposons as potential therapy agents.